How to Create your Personal Brand

How to Create your Personal Brand

How to Create your Personal Brand

As you may or may not know, this is not my first blog. 

I did not do enough research to start my first blog and it blew up in my face. 

First I created my blog on, which did not allow me the freedom I wanted. Then I did not know how to properly write a blog post, I didn’t market to social media and there was no personality in my writing.


Since then I have spent hundreds on blogging/marketing courses and rigorously reading thousands of other bloggers who have made their own personal space on the internet. 

One of the biggest things that every successful blogger I know has is a personal brand.

I know this is so repetitive, but it’s important.

Your personal brand is not just your logo and your colors, it’s about your mission and what you want to be known for. 

So in this blog post, we are going to dive into what is personal branding and how you can go about it.

What does having a Personal Brand Mean?

Having a personal brand is basically the equivalent of a personality. You as a person have your own personality and little quirks that people know you for. When creating a website you want to have your website have its own distinguishing personality. 

You want your website to be “unique” within your Niche.

This will help you separate yourself from your competitors.

Figure out who you are

Who are you as a blogger, freelancer, business owner, etc. What do you want to be known for? These are the things you need to first think about when starting your own business. 

Personally, I want to help other people market their social media. I am also an avid planner, so I want to teach other people how to get organized in their everyday life.

That is who I am, and my mission. Once you figure out who you are, that will help you figure out every other step in this crazy journey. 

What will you be known for?

This goes hand in hand with Figuring out who you are. This is not only your title but the skills or products you have to offer. 

You could very well be a hairstylist, and you would want to be known for doing very vibrant crazy colors. 

Yes, you can do natural hair colors, but you want other people to know you as the person who knows how to dye your client’s hair in a very creative colorful sort of way and still make it look very healthy looking!

Another example is, you could be starting an e-commerce store. You are a business owner who caters to period products. That is who you are. But your e-commerce store sells sustainable period products. The sustainable period products are what you are going to be known for.

Figuring out who you are will help you separate yourself within your niche. 

Who is your ideal audience?

Another thing you will have to figure out while you are creating your personal brand is who you would want to cater too. 

This also goes in hand with what you would want to be known for.

I want you to sit and think about your ideal reader/customer/client. What gender are you catering too? What age range is your content for? Who is this product for?

The more in-depth you go into thinking about your ideal audience, the better of an idea you will have in creating content or products.

For example; my ideal audience is people who are looking to market themselves on social media. But I also want to cater to the people who want to keep themselves organized in their everyday life and their business. 

Personal Branding for Pinterest

When you create any social media profile page, you should have your branding standing out in your profile.

For Pinterest, this means adding your title to your profile name. Also adding your mission within your description. You have to provide these things while using Keywords to optimize your account. 

For those of you who are not familiar with Pinterest, Pinterest is a social media site that uses visual content as a marketing strategy. Much like Google, Pinterest is a search engine, so you need to use keywords to rank on Pinterest. If you want to learn more on what is Pinterest Marketing you can check out this blog post for more information. 

Because Pinterest Visual Search engine having your Pins Branded is very important. 

This means having a few brand colors, fonts you use regularly, and a logo.

When you Pin on Pinterest you would want your audience to be able to pick your Pin out in a lineup. 

The only way this could happen is if your overall brand lines up with each other. As in, the style of your blog or website reflects on your Pins.

Personally I use Canva Pro to design all of my branded Pinterest templates. With the thousands of fonts templates available, I never run out of Ideas. 

My site is doing a complete re-branding and Using Canva helps me figure out what colors and fonts would “match” the visual aspect of my brand.

The great thing is that Canva has a free version also, but after using it for quite a while I figured that the pros features met my needs more than the free version.

In conclusion, the things you would want to keep in mind while you are creating your brand is to figure out who you are and who your ideal audience is along with the visual component of your website.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Remember to have fun, your branding is a reflection of who you are and how you want to be separated from others, so take your time and think. 

And hopefully, you won’t have 2 failed blogs before you know what you’re somewhat doing


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