Skills Every Blogger Should Have

Skills Every Blogger Should Have

Skills Every Blogger Should Have

If you know me, then you know that I have been an avid Pinterest user since the age of 13. The reason why I became obsessed with Pinterest at such a young age is that I am an obsessive planner.

It is both my strength and weakness.

I use to plan out every aspect of my life down to the type of clothing style I would have as an adult.

Well at 13 I didn’t know that my style would drastically change to goth, for a while… after that phase, I realized nothing I planned would be certain

So I learned how to Adapt.

But the obsession for Pinterest was still there, and as I changed, so did my Pinterest profile.

It has honestly been my favorite past time for years.

Somewhere along the way, I discovered my love for content creation, and for the last year I have been honing down on my content creation skills, this includes basic graphic design, keyword optimization, and grammar skills. 

I knew that if I ever wanted to get my foot in the blogging world I would need to develop these basic skills to succeed. Although I am still in the very beginning stages, I now have the skills to confidently create in-depth content for my readers.

Proper Grammer

I am not the grammar police. If I am being completely honest, my grammar skills are a bit of a mess. 

What I mean by “learning proper grammar” is knowing the very basics such as knowing how to formulate a proper sentence. This includes learning parts of speech like nouns, verbs, adjectives, and conjunctions. 

I think what I find very confusing learning English as a child, is remembering that the English Language doesn’t have grammatical gender. The other thing I found confusing was learning homonyms.

But learning how to properly formulate a sentence will show professionalism.

I don’t know about you but when I see a blog post that has too many grammatical errors, I tend to click off because it gets a bit too confusing for me to read. 

But not all is lost, there is still hope for people like me because things like Grammarly exist. 

Grammarly is a free plugin for your internet browser and an honest lifesaver. My problem is that I get confused by knowing both Spanish and English. So it’s not only that I spell things terribly, but I also flip sentences because of the way Spanish sentences are formulated.

Wow that sounded really sales-y I promise it’s not a promo, I just really love Grammarly 

Knowing your Ideal Audience

One of the many mistakes bloggers tend to make once having a blog is not having an Ideal Audience in mind.

Why is this a problem?

Well, most bloggers’ goals are too eventually make some form of income off of their blog. Having too much of a broad topic might actually hurt you in the long run because you won’t experience as much traffic. 

Let me explain.

When you niche down to a certain topic it will make it easier for you to build an audience. Why? Because when you blog about a certain topic, you are presented to your reader as an “expert” in that particular subject. 

When they click off of that blog post, you would want your reader to see a whole arsenal of blog posts filled with information about the topic they are researching and anything related. 

More people tend to subscribe if they know you are always going to be writing about cars then if you write about cars one day, boats the next, and now your posting about your favorite food.


Another Skill I highly recommend for a beginner blogger to learn is how to navigate Pinterest. 

Pinterest is a visual social media site. Very much like google, Pinterest is also a search engine.

Pinterest is like a virtual mood/dream board in my opinion. You find pins you like on the website and then save it to a board on your profile. 

I talk more about why you should market yourself on Pinterest in my previous blog post so click here if you want more information on Pinterest Marketing.

Just to summarize, Pinterest is used to market businesses by creating visually appealing content. You also can gain organic traffic from Pinterest much easier than any other social media website. 

Researching Key Words

Keyword research is probably one of the number one skills you need to have to become a successful blogger; and it’s probably one of the most underrated skills.

Not enough bloggers talk about the fact that they have to research their content before writing it.

I have definitely been guilty of this. On my first blog, it was a lifestyle blog, I wrote about anything and everything that came into my mind. I didn’t niche down to specific topics, I just kept writing and then asking myself why people didn’t subscribe to my blog, and why no one was interested in my content.

Do you know why that is?

Because the best content you create is informational and it solves a problem.

But to solve a problem you need to find a problem worth solving. And that’s where researching keywords come into play.

I use Keysearch to research my keywords but sites like ubersuggest exist, where you can search up a few keywords for free. 

Basic Graphic Design Skills

This is definitely not the most important skill when you are starting out, but if you want to save some money and time in the long run, I suggest you learn some very basic design skills.

The reason why you need these skills is to create Pin Graphics for Pinterest that are aesthetically pleasing. 

I use Canva to design my pins and my logo. I also use Canva to create my templates that I am planning to launch on my website soon. 

Canva is a super easy and beginner-friendly platform to use. They have thousands of designs and templates, which means you have a million ways to create one thing.

I specifically decided to invest in Canva so that I can create an arsenal of pin templates while I was still developing my brand.

But I loved it so much I decided to keep my Canva Pro account and use it as a creative outlet.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

When Blogging you need to write clearly, solve a problem, and learn how to market yourself effectively for the best results. 

Although these skills are very basic, these skills are essential when trying to get your foot in the door within the blogging community.

Anyone could be a blogger, but to be a GREAT blogger you need to invest time into learning each of these skills and any other skills relevant in your niche. 

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