Decluttering Your Space and Your Mind

Walls are like the blank canvas in your room, and your furniture are the decorations that puts the paintings all together. I used to have a lot of posters on my walls, from celebrities to inspirational posters, if It called my attention it was on my wall and that’s it. For years I’d wake up and read each of my posters, and for years I’d fall asleep reading the posters, but as the years went on I kept adding more and my room just felt so clustered and small, it got to the point where it was too much on my brain. With that and all the clutter I had going on, I just got to the point where I felt stressed about going into my room, and staying there for long periods of time just made me feel sad. I know it’s weird, why did I feel sad despite surrounding myself with so many things I’ve loved?

Well, I strongly believe that the first step in decluttering your mind is too declutter your space And because I recently tried to embark in a mental and physical health journey, I thought the perfect way to start was to learn on how to live a basic and frugal life style. I want to spend less money on things and spend more money on making memories because that’s what counts, and trying to change my mindset is a little harder than I thought. My room made me realize that I’m putting value to things That don’t really have any, and disconnecting the emotional attachment to some items really have changed my view into what I was really putting value into things in my personal life.

Minimalism is a way of living a simple life surrounding yourself with the things you need, and the things that matter most to you. Everyone who embarks on this journey, has their own version of simplicity. Something that might not mean as much to you may be important to someone else and likewise, every version of minimalism is different.

Starting on this journey is hard because of the emotional attachment you’ve created with some of your items. Other things are even harder if a loved one gave it to you, especially if it’s from someone really special. Getting into the mindset is hard, it’s been a few months and I’m still getting the courage to look through my closet to get rid of more things, it may not seem like it but it’s a lot of emotional stress on your brain.


Every good thing you want to do in your life should start with planning. Everything! I am a firm believer that nothing goes right if you don’t set goals and work through those goals first. So the first step before starting everything is to plan out what you’re going to do, how you’re going to do it and when you’re going to start. That goes for everything and especially for situations like these when you’re trying to start any new lifestyle. It starts with planning. So take out a little note pad/note book or even a sticky note and write down the first thing you want to declutter and the end result you want to have. Trust me, nothing is better than reaching a goal you’ve had, especially if you planned for it first.

Split it up into parts

As much as you think you can donate most of your things in one go, you can’t, I’ve tried. Not saying that you’re anything like me (here comes my anxiety) but it’s nearly impossible especially if you started having minor signs of hoarder like tendencies. So the easiest was to ease your mind and to be as thorough as possible is to start off with parts of the specific space you’re trying to declutter first. For example, try splitting somethings into categories and other things into spaces. Like clothes can be one category and closet can be a specific space (because if you’re anything like me, you’re closet wasn’t only housed for clothes and shoes, it was the home of many, many little things I accumulated over the years). Splitting things up makes things easier for you to concentrate on one thing then a bunch of things at the same time. It’s worth it; In the beginning I found myself working in spaces and not a lot in categories, so learning some of the differences will help you really focus at the task at hand. When you don’t do it this way you start to kind of get bored and just give up because it’s too much, or you start losing sight of what’s on hand because you wanted to get it done in one go. Here are some of my examples of what’s a category and what’s considered a space, but for everyone it may be different.


  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Blankets
  • Perfumes
  • Makeup


  • Desk
  • Storage Space
  • Closet
  • Floor

Special Items

These are the things that are the hardest to get rid of. Sometimes you have space for somethings but not for everything, then you feel torn into whether just putting some stuff in a box and put it away, or getting rid of it all together. You don’t want to offend anyone and on the other side it might be from someone who’s no longer in your life and that’s the only thing you have left of them. Listen, Everything you have, should have value in your life and the moment that thing stops making you happy is when you should get rid of it. So if it brings you value, keep it and if it’s an abundance of items, try figuring out what brings you the most joy and keep those.

Another thing that may be helpful for all the other trinkets that may have given you joy but no longer gives you joy is to take pictures of them and keep them in a little photo album. That way it’s a memory you have without having the physical item.

Remember, switching to a Minimalistic lifestyle change takes time. Don’t get frustrated if you’re at a different stage then everyone else, everyone has to get through that stage at one point and you can’t let the little things like frustration hold you back, and that goes for every lifestyle change. It may take a while, but you’ll get there, like with everything else you set your mind too.

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